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Academic Awards

Congratulations Award Winners

At the Academic Awards ceremony on May 17, STMA High School recognized nearly 500 students for their academic success during the 2022-2023 school year.

The awards honored students for their commitment to learning and for their achievement in the classroom. Congratulations to all award winners, and thank you to their parents/guardians for their continued encouragement and support of their education.

2022-23 AAA Award Winners

Picture of AAA Winners

2022-23 AAA Award Winners Taten Harrison and Madilyn Gartner

2022-23 ExCEL Recipients

Picture of ExCEL Award Recipients

2022-23 ExCEL Fae Bromley and Joseph Duerr

2022-23 Students of the Year

Picture of the Students of the Year Award Recipients

2022-23 Students of the Year Winners  Adrienne Lewis, Davin Dufner, Riley Weness, Gwen Herbst

2022-23 Students of Excellence

Picture of Students of Excellence Award Recipients

2022-23 Students of Excellence Bennett Cotterman, Eli Davis, Norah Langager, Gwen Herbst