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Supplemental Online

SUPPLEMENTAL PROGRAM (see pages 64-66 in registration book)

The STMA school district is offering an in-house supplemental online program.  This program meets state standards and will count towards graduation credits. Due to the fact that this is a supplemental program only, students can only take up to 2 online courses per trimester (6 courses per year) to remain an STMA high school student working towards our diploma.  

Visit STMA Online Website

Reasons that students may choose to take an online course may include:

  • Replacing an in-person high school course
  • Enrichment opportunity - STMA HS does not offer the course or I just want an online experience.
  • Scheduling conflict - my current schedule does not allow me to take this course through STMA HS.

Students would not be able to remain on the high school campus during the designated online course period.  Schedules cannot be rearranged to accommodate specific online course periods.  You are responsible for completing the registration process and communicating with the online school when you have questions/problems with your online class.  

Registering for an online course in the January open window:

Switching to an online course at the start of a trimester:

  • Register for the generic online department course number(s) provided on pages 54-64.
  • Once the registration window closes, STMA online will send you a Google Form to register for the specific course(s) you wish to take.
  • Set up a meeting with your school counselor.
  • Dropping an STMA class to replace it with an online course must take place within the first 5 days of the trimester to avoid earning a F.  


  • You will be registered in two different schools, STMA high school and STMA online, both working towards your STMA diploma.
  • Dropping, being dropped due to inactivity, withdrawing from the online course AFTER 2 WEEKS from your start date, or not completing the entire credit, will result in a F on your STMA transcript for that course.

Supplemental Registration Instructions

You will register for supplemental online courses in place of your STMA courses.  For example, English 9A and English 9B are required for graduation.  If you plan on taking both classes online you will need to enter OE0000 and OE0000 in the two English boxes on this worksheet.  When you register online you will also enter these course numbers twice to get to your 15-course requests.  If you’re registering for PE9 that is only one box so it is only OP0000.  

STMA Online Contact Information

Mark Jansen | Principal
Knights Academy ALP / STMA Online
60 Central Ave W
St Michael, MN 55376
P: 763 497 6575 ext: 5214

STMA Online Contract

Any student taking an online class through STMA or an outside institution (i.e. Northern Star Online) must complete this form and turn in to their counselor.

Extra STMA online courses offered during summer

Because not every student can fit their courses in during the school year, an online option has been created through STMA.  Both PE and Health are offered during the summer months for approximately $250 each.  If you would like to take an additional course over the summer, please email the online coordinator, Mark Jansen at if you have any questions or click here to register for an extra STMA online summer course, next click Summer Supplemental Registration.  

Additional online learning options can be found on the MN Department of Education (MDE) website.  Click here to get a list of other approved online providers.